4th experimental survey off the coast of Balearic Islands


In the channel of Ibiza

Here we go for the 4th TOSCA experimental survey. It is to take place off the coasts of Balearic Islands. On the 25th of October, 5 partners of the TOSCA project will come on board of the research vessel Garcia del Cid with the equipment developed by the project. 

During four days, the TOSCA monitoring and forecasting system will be applied and tested in the Balearic Sea in a virtual crisis through simulated Search and Rescue exercises and oil spill events. The experiment will also test the water- or oil- following capabilities of the drifters specifically designed by the project to provide more accurate monitoring and forecasting about oil spill positions in the sea. 

The experimental survey in Balearic Islands will contribute to increase the knowledge of surface circulation and dispersion in the area. The data acquired through the experiment will integrate with the TOSCA system for better preventing coast pollution and multiplying chances to save lives in case of a maritime accident. 

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